Thinking about throwing your first big bash? Take a look at RQ's Top Eight Tips when it comes to planning your very own party. These easy steps will take the weight off your shoulders and help you stay focused and stress free throughout the planning process!

Get organized: First it is important to get organized. It is always a good idea to keep a list that can be continually updated throughout the planning process. A master to-do list for every task that must be accomplished, a shopping list, and your guest list that provides you with the contact information and RSVP for each invitee.

Pick your Poison… AKA your Theme!: You don’t necessarily need a reason to party, but picking out a theme can be fun! Following a festive tone while setting up your event can even make the planning process easier. Create an old fashioned tea party with tea and crumpets, or throw an island inspired bash with tiki lights and tropical flowers everywhere. Once you know what theme you are working with, finding the decor to set the mood is as easy as 1... 2.. 3!


Send out invites: Invites are the most important part… without any guest there is no party! Nowadays, online invites are the new thing, but it is always nice to get that little invite in the mailbox. If choosing to mail invites the old fashion way, make sure to send them out at least a month in advance. This allows time for all your invites to be delivered and for all your guests to receive enough notice. You can easily make your own invitations with just a few embellishments from your local craft store. Mailed invites are a great little memory to look back on as well!  

Cocktails: Worried about what to serve? Consider a self-serve bar so guests are sure to get what they really want! A bar with three or four different kinds of liquor, festive mixers, and a plenty of cups will do the trick. Placing trays of champagne or sparkling water throughout your space for guest is always a nice gesture, this way guests can feel comfortable while they mix and mingle.


Kids invited?: For any gathering, it's often a smart idea to set up a separate area for they little ones to have their own sorts of fun. A small table with bundles of crayons, colored pencils, and coloring books will keep their creative minds occupied while the parents kick back and relax. Be careful when setting their table up for sweets… you never know when too much sugar can turn into a crazy idea!

Party Favors: There’s nothing wrong with showing your appreciation to your guest when it comes to showing up! Handcrafted orniements, baked goods, or small bags of candies will show how grateful you are for their company and time. Don’t forget to send them home with centerpieces as well!

Keep Calm then Party on!: Making sure you are calm, cool, and collected during your event is essential on the big day. Leaving yourself an hour before guests arrive to freshen up, change into the perfect party outfit, and set the tone for your festivity. Remember, a party is only as fun as the hostest, don’t forget to put your best smile on!

RQ hopes this helps you for your next party! Don't forget, Rentquest is here to help you with any party rentals you may need! Good luck and have fun!