We’re all guilty of referring to Pinterest when we have #goals to reach. All of your party goals are on Pinterest, what isn’t? Photo backdrops, appetizer displays, seating arrangements, party ideas, color schemes, etc… Pinterest is where you seek any and all inspiration. We’ve found some popular Pins and realized, RentQuest can make this happen! Do you ever wonder, how could I bring my Pinterest board to life? Let us reassure you, it doesn’t take a mad scientist, all it takes is a little help from us- and we’ve got you covered! Read on to see how to make your Pinterest Dreams reality.


Bored of the basic food displays? We are too. Amp up your app display with one of our bookcases! How happy and sweet do these treats look on our White Tiered Bookcase? Adorable! We know our displays would be delighted to display your apps as well :). There’s nothing the matter with ditching the platter!


Pinterest has popularized this cute, cozy, backyard movie night… let’s take it up a notch. Our floor pillows are the perfect fit for your movie night! These huge puffs are incredibly comfortable to plop on during a movie night under the stars. Now you need to grab some popcorn and buddies, get it going!

Screen Shot 2019-07-12 at 2.23.24 PM.png


Every party needs a photo background, how else are you going to get a good Insta pic? This popular Pin can make an appearance at your next event with the help of our handsome faux hedge! Dress it up or play it plain, either way it’ll be a great spot for a photo op.


Signs can serve as a great spot to prep the perfect Insta post. Whether you want to shoot in front of a backdrop or a sign is personal preference, why not have both! Foil balloons have been increasingly popular at all parties and events all year, spice it up with something a little more… bright! Our Marquee Letters light the night, you can write out anything you want! They stand out at weddings, birthdays and more. Rent them now, they’re screaming your name… or… spelling it!

Screen Shot 2019-07-12 at 2.13.14 PM.png


Pinterest has all kinds of popular decorating styles including, balloons, lights, streamers, etc. We think you should use FLOWERS! BFloral does the most amazing flower displays to wow your guests and amaze everyone at the party. We love to partner with them, they always make our furniture pop among their beautiful botanicals.


Seating is always overlooked during a par-tay, but your dining seating could make or break your event. Accessorize your simple chairs with signs and garland, or keep them plain! We have a variety of dining chairs for all occasions, that are both comfortable and cute!

To inquire about events, contact us! We are more than happy to help you make these Pinterest Board dreams come true. Send us what you’re thinking and we’ll give you our advice! Looking forward to hearing from you :).

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