How will you transition into fall?

Fall is fast approaching! That perfect stage in between the summer and winter where you can pretty much embrace it all. The brisk wind in the mornings and the warm sunny skies in the afternoons make for a smooth transition into the colder months. The perfect time to have the most fun with decor for any upcoming events.


Bright colors mixed with dark and rich colors!

We all know daylight savings makes a huge difference and with the beautiful sun going down around 5ish (more like 4ish, sadly) we have to remain strong and know that the show must go on! Beautiful color blocking can make a world of a difference for an event attendee looking for a fun night. The vibrant colors speak of summer days and when paired with bold, rich colors it makes for a playful mix.


Dark and sexy!

While this new season doesn’t mean you have to stick to black we have to admit it plays nicely into the darker aesthetics of fall and winter. There is a very sophisticated vibe about black and just dark colors in general. If you’re a person who needs everything to match then I’m sure this is the route to go.


Rustic Wood!


Color isn’t solely what determines your fall mood. Texture and material also come into play. When we think of Fall we think of trees and leaves which ties into wooden furniture and how homey it can make a room feel. When taking this approach to your event there’s no mistaking the autumn aesthetic in the room. The shade of wood also makes a difference in the feel of the room. Dark wood brings warmth and an antique feel while light wood brightens up a room and still keeps the seasons theme.

No longer having to be boxed into dark fall/winter colors or really bright summer colors but rather opting for a marriage of the two if desired. Its all about your Autumn mood and your personal style. The event room is your oyster! Pinterest and your imagination are your best friends to put it together. Oh and Rent Quest of course!