This weeks theme is… (drumroll please!)…. OUTDOOR OCCASIONS!

In the summer, there is nothing more satisfying than planning and partaking in a sunshiney soirèe. Despite being morning or night, rain or shine, we have some awesome pieces for you to furnish the fiesta. Because summer is in full swing, we are seeing, hosting and renting for many events outside, in this weeks entry, we are revealing our favorite outdoor occasion from this season so far!

Our acrylics are always a fan favorite, how could they not be? They offer a beautiful '“barely there” simplicity, which is easily versatile. Below you can see our acrylic set dressed in pink blossoms, only adding to the elegance of this vignette. Of course these acrylic pieces are great inside, but something about their transparency in the sunlight just works!


You may be unaware that there is a new addition to the RentQuest outdoor furniture fam…. introducing the Bayside Set! Although our Baysides are new, they are getting a lot of attention. This set will go with nearly any outdoor color palette and event. When planning your party, you might be hesitant to commit to a bold color scheme. Use neutral furniture and add pops of color with throws and accessories, or a patterned carpet: problem solved! At this awesome Walgreens event our client accessorized the Baysides in striped pillows and nautical baubles, love it.

Another way to add a fun summer flare to your design is by renting fresh plants! Adding plants not only looks amazing, but it adds a natural warmth to the outdoor space. Whether you choose to go with real or fake, any greenery will add some excitement to your floor plan.


Of course we love a relaxed outdoor get together, hanging with friends, unwinding after a long week and enjoying the sunshine…but we also love a party! Bring some bars into your event scene. Here we have our white Cool Wood Bars twinning, bringing double trouble to this “RuleBreakers” event! These bars are a hit, especially with your own custom branding, made just for you. Our cool wood bars thrive outdoors, if you’re looking for a good time, inquire about renting them for your next party!

Our barrels serve as awesome highboys for any rustic partay. If you’re trying to get the party started you might consider standard seating, as well as bars and highboys, this allows for an easygoing dynamic that your guests will enjoy.


Why stand around when you can hang out in these chairs (pun intended)! Our hanging chairs are such a crowd pleaser as well as a great photo op spot. If you’re hosting an event, whether there are 10 guests, or 10,000, they’re going to want to take some pics for the #gram. Give them a great spot to take these shots! Hanging chairs are a great attraction, as well as our other seating from our previous post, RentQuest’s Favorites. If you’re looking for more photographic areas to incorporate, find a fun backdrop or create a custom wall decal! Guests love to utilize photo booths (even makeshift ones) so throw one together, your party will be snapping pics all night/day long!

Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 3.23.48 PM.png

Lastly, we want to introduce our Boat Set, maybe you’ve already met, but this set is reliable, fashionable AND available in blue! This set is great to have at any outdoor gathering, whether it’s a low key or hot event. This St. Ives station accessorized with pillows, plants and a turf green rug, but there are so many options with this customizable set! Grab all of these pieces or just a sofa, either way the fun design is sure to catch some attention. The Boat Set offers a modern twist on your average wicker outdoor collection.

Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 9.20.10 AM.png

We can’t wait to see what designs you come up with for your outside parties this summer, tag us in your pics and email us for inquiries!